5 of the Best Pregnancy Freebies and Discounts

Oct 11, 2023 | Pregnancy, Maternity

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your amazing journey has only just begun. While pregnancy is a time for a whole load of sensational new experiences, it can also feel daunting, especially when it comes to money matters.

You may find yourself worrying about how to make ends meet now you’re preparing for the arrival of your baby. That’s why we at The Parents Class have put together our top five list of pregnancy freebies and discounts. 

From nappies to reward points, wet wipes to goodie bags, this list should give you some peace of mind that not everything baby-related has to break the bank!


1. NHS Healthy Start

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under the age of 4, you may be eligible for this helpful government scheme. With NHS Healthy Start you’ll receive money to spend on milk, fruit and veg, infant formula, and vitamins. Check here to see if you qualify. 

Preparing for the arrival of your baby can be a phenomenally exciting time. But it can feel stressful and hectic, particularly when it comes to money. Hopefully NHS Healthy Start will help you take advantage of some of the best offers and deals out there.  

2. Baby Clubs

Lots of supermarkets and high-street stores have fantastic baby clubs that are both highly informative and great places for bagging a bargain.

The Tesco baby club provides great information and discounts on essential products both during pregnancy, and beyond. Plus, if you’ve got a Clubcard, you can get points and special discounts on any baby-related purchases. Similarly, Asda’s baby club offers lots of great tips, tricks, and offers that are invaluable for both new parents and for those who are expecting.

Boots parenting club is another one to check out. This brilliant scheme gives you access to free sample products along with a free magazine. Plus, if you already have a Boots’ advantage card you can get 10% off selected baby products!

3. Emma’s Diary

Registering with Emma’s Diary gives you access to lots of great pregnancy freebies and special offers. From goodie bags filled with free products to great discounts on everything from baby photographs to pushchairs, Emma’s diary is worth a look if you’re trying to bag some baby-bounty!

4. Bounty

Speaking of bounty, signing up with Bounty gets you some of the best free samples and offers. Their helpful mum-to-be packs contain lots of baby essentials like nappies, wet-wipes and cleaning products. Super useful, easy to get, and free, Bounty’s mum-to-be packs are a must!

5. Upright Birthing eBook

What are the benefits of upright birthing?

  • Reduces unplanned interventions by 23%
  • Reduces emergency C-sections by 29%
  • Reduces chances of baby becoming distressed by 54%

These are just some of the findings uncovered by our clinical director Cass McNamara about the benefits of upright birthing.

Learn about the history, research and future of upright birthing, from its roots in instinctive movement to the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of the “adoption of mobility and an upright position during labour” by downloading your FREE copy of our upright birthing eBook.

Download here.

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