6 Ways to See in the New Year When You’re Pregnant

Dec 20, 2023 | Pregnancy

When you’re expecting it can be difficult to know how to celebrate the New Year with the same level of enthusiasm you may have had pre-pregnancy.

While dancing till dawn is probably no longer quite so high on your agenda, the team at The Parents Class wanted to suggest some alternative ways you can still have fun seeing in the New Year. 

After all, if you’re pregnant now then the year ahead is definitely worth celebrating; this time next year your life may look very different!

1. Say yes to that New Year party!

Even though you won’t be drinking, you can still have a great night out when you’re pregnant. Put on your comfiest clothes (and shoes!), stock up on your favourite mocktails and head to your favourite spot to see in the New Year with a bang! 

You may not get quite the same chance to let your hair down in the coming months, so if going out or going to a party is your idea of heaven, then don’t be afraid to say yes!

2. Start a pregnancy journal

New Year means new beginnings, especially when you’re pregnant! With 2024 approaching it probably feels like things are moving very fast. 

It can be important to take a moment now and again to reflect on how far you’ve come and where you’re headed. Journaling is a fantastic way to do this. 

Journaling will make for a great document of your pregnancy journey and could also end up being a fantastic keepsake to give to your baby when the time comes!

Why not start a journal on New Year’s Eve to keep of track of what will certainly be an exciting year! 

3. Cosy up

If partying isn’t really your thing then why not take it easy and have a quiet night in with your partner, friends or family? Watch a film, order some pizza, put your feet up.

Pregnancy is hard work so don’t feel guilty about taking it at your own pace this New Year’s.

4. Get away on a quick trip

You’ll have to check with your healthcare specialist on this one but if you’re in a position to, it might be an idea to get away for a few days. There’s nothing like a spot of travelling to refresh the mind, body and senses as you head into the New Year.

If you’re unable to fly then worry not, you’ll still be able to access loads of fantastic locations via car. 

A city break in Paris? Perhaps a trip up to the highlands? There are plenty of options both here and abroad for a celebratory, last minute trip away!

5. Prepare for the coming year

If you’d rather spend New Year’s thinking about your resolutions and planning for the big year ahead then booking an antenatal class before those midnight bells chime will ensure you feel prepared for the biggest event of 2024! 

The antenatal courses offered by The Parents Class, for instance, provide you with all the latest, evidence-led information on topics from upright birthing to stem cell banking, to help you feel confident making informed decisions about your journey from bump to birth.

6. Wait and decide on the day!

If none of the above float your boat, then why not be spontaneous? Not only will this probably turn out to be more exciting, but it will also take the pressure off having to make any commitments about events in advance without knowing how you may feel on the day.

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From all of us at The Parents Class, have a very Happy New Year!

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