7 Helpful Things You Can Expect From an Antenatal Class in Greenwich

Apr 4, 2023 | Pregnancy

Preparing for the birth of your baby in Greenwich is an exciting time, but we understand it can also feel like there is a lot to learn to make sure you’re ready in time.

Antenatal classes are a fun but informative way to help you prepare for when your baby arrives.

Driven by evidence-based research, The Parents Class empowers expectant mums and dads to make decisions shaped around what’s best for them.

Held in a relaxed setting, we provide mums-and-dads-to-be with everything they need to feel confident about their pregnancy and the beginning of their journey into parenthood. Here are seven things you can expect from our antenatal classes in Greenwich:

You’ll learn how to stay healthy during pregnancy

Antenatal classes will teach you how to stay healthy during your pregnancy. You’ll learn tips on how to maintain a healthy diet for you and your unborn baby as well as exercises that will keep you fit and active during pregnancy.

You’ll learn about labour and techniques to help

One of the most important things you can expect from your antenatal classes is information about what happens during labour, the different ways your baby can be born and the interventions you may be offered.

You’ll also be given advice on how to cope during labour, the different types of pain relief and a guide through relaxation techniques to help you during labour and the birth.

You’ll have the opportunity to make a birthing plan

Whilst not everyone will want to make a birthing plan, it is a good way to make a record of what you would like to happen during your labour as well as after the birth of your baby so that everyone understands what you want.

Your birth plan will be personal to you, your medical history and what availability your maternity service has.

You’ll be able to speak with friendly and professional midwives

Our antenatal classes are all led by highly-skilled, professional and friendly midwives. Who better to support you throughout your pregnancy journey, right?

If you’re attending one of our antenatal classes, you’ll have the opportunity to ask our midwives any questions you may have and discuss your birthing plan with them if you have one.

You’ll learn how to look after your baby

Your antenatal classes will help you build your confidence when it comes to looking after your baby. They’ll be able to teach you tips on caring for your baby when they arrive and how to soothe and feed them.

You’ll be able to share any worries and concerns you might have

You’ll be surrounded by caring professionals and people who are going through the same milestones as you, which makes this the perfect time to discuss any worries and ask any questions you have about labour and the birth of your baby.

You may find that other parents have similar questions or can share tips with you.

You’ll make friends who will understand

Antenatal classes give expectant parents the chance to make great – and quite possibly, lifelong – friends during their pregnancy.

After all, the people in your antenatal class will be preparing to have a baby around the same time as you, which means you’ll be able to share your parenting journey and experiences together.

And believe us – having your ‘parenting tribe’ around you throughout pregnancy and as a new parent, is absolutely priceless.  

Are you expecting? Join The Parents Class

If you’re getting ready for the birth of your child and you live in Greenwich, our antenatal classes are a great way to boost your confidence and help you prepare for parenthood in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Book an antenatal class near you with The Parents Class today.

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