Antenatal classes near me

We have carefully selected our locations to create the perfect setting for our social and inclusive antenatal classes.

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Our venues are modern, inviting, and well-equipped to create a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. With the right venue, your antenatal class experience will be truly memorable.

You’ll have opportunities to connect with other expectant parents and form lasting relationships within your local community.

Choosing The Parents Class antenatal courses means more than just learning about pregnancy and childbirth. It’s about connecting with other expectant parents and creating a strong support network within your local community. Our venues serve as platforms for these connections.  

So, when you are searching for “antenatal classes near me,” remember that The Parents Class is not just about proximity — it’s about offering high-quality antenatal education and building local connections in a comfortable and conducive environment. Our beautiful locations make us the go-to antenatal course, bringing comfort, confidence, and community right to your doorstep.

Click on your nearest Parents Class below to find out more.

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East London antenatal course

East London

Can’t find an antenatal class near you?

We’re constantly working to bring our fresh approach to antenatal classes to more locations across the UK. Keep an eye out for new classes coming your way soon!

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