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Let’s get you ready to go from bump to baby with your Parents Class antenatal course.

It’s time to start planning! Our antenatal courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to feel prepared, so you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your family.

Our in-person group antenatal classes cover a wide range of topics to answer all those frequently asked questions you may have as a parent-to-be, as well as topics you may not have thought about yet, like upright birthing and saving the stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord.

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We have carefully designed our antenatal classes to tailor your needs at different stages of your pregnancy.

Full antenatal course


Get ready for the arrival of your little one with our comprehensive antenatal classes. Our Full Antenatal course includes 12 hours of content, led by an experienced and qualified midwife. Learn more about:


Birth & Delivery


Pain Relief Options


Infant Feeding


Upright Birthing


Optimal Cord Clamping


Stem Cell Banking

Learn more about our courses and the topics we’ll cover in your antenatal classes.

Mid-pregnancy antenatal course


This course gives you 4 hours with one of our experienced midwives who will take you through the changes that are happening to your body and your baby during the second trimester, covering topics such as:






Maternity Leave


Your Baby’s Development

Learn more about our courses and the topics we’ll cover in your antenatal classes.

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