Discover Easy Ways to Meet Other Parents-To-Be in Fulham

Aug 15, 2023 | Exercise, Maternity, Mental Health, Pregnancy

Whether you’re pregnant with your first baby or expecting another child, the advantages of getting to meet other parents are boundless.

Having someone to relate to during your pregnancy, sharing the joy of the newborn phase, or just savouring a much-needed coffee together as you both navigate through those disrupted night shifts can be an invaluable support system.

Pregnancy can sometimes make you feel like you’re on your own little island, especially when you face challenges or uncertainties, or even as the natural changes of pregnancy begin to unfold physically, emotionally, socially.

But connecting with others who are in the same boat can be a real comfort when you need someone to lean on. It’s like having a built-in cheering squad, and that can be incredibly uplifting.

Friendships formed during pregnancy often continue after the babies are born. As your families grow and you navigate the adventure of parenting together, these connections become stronger.

If you live in Fulham and wondering how to find other parents-to-be in your area, we’ve put some ideas together for you.

Attend Antenatal Classes

Our first and foremost piece of advice is to book an antenatal class. These classes are a great way to meet expectant parents who you can share experiences and ideas with.

By attending an in-person group course, not only will you have the opportunity to learn all about pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood, you’ll also get the chance to chat with other like-minded people in your community.

At The Parents Class, our antenatal classes are held at Uncommon’s stunning Zen Studio, a relaxing and comfortable space in Fulham where you can meet-up with other parents-to-be each week.

At the end of your course, you’ll also have the chance to meet up again with the whole gang after the babies are born. Your postnatal meet-up will be a great way to nurture your newfound friendships and stay in touch.

Explore Fulham’s Local Parks and Cafés

When preparing for the birth of your new baby you might have lots of questions about what your life might look like once your baby is born. Connecting with parents of newborns or young babies can be a great way to gain insights and share your own experiences so far.

Taking a leisurely stroll in your local community, or relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea can be the perfect way to enjoy a day off and meet new people to talk all things pregnancy and baby.

Join a Group Exercise Class

Staying active throughout your pregnancy is generally recommended by healthcare professionals.

The NHS Start for Life recommends around 150 minutes of exercise each week [1] to maintain your activity levels during pregnancy. Before jumping into these classes, it’s always a good idea to chat with your healthcare provider, especially if you have any health concerns or complications.

Group classes like pregnancy yoga, pregnancy pilates, or swimming classes like water aerobics can be the perfect way to meet other mums-to-be near you.

Book a Place at a Pregnancy Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreats teach you techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and give you the golden opportunity for a much-needed break from your usual routine.

Practising yoga can help ease common pregnancy discomforts, like back pain and muscle tension [2]. It can also encourage better posture and circulation, making you feel better physically [3].

The pop-up yoga club hosts mini-pregnancy retreats across West London throughout the year, featuring a transformative blend of yoga, inspiration, and wholesome food to pamper and rejuvenate you during your pregnancy.

Their retreats also include a solo maternity photoshoot, as well as the choice to add-on mini prenatal spa treatments to enhance your experience.

These retreats welcome all mums-to-be, and no yoga experience is needed to attend. So it’s the perfect chance to meet others in your area and share a truly special day together.

Head to pop-up yoga club’s website to book a space and find information on their upcoming retreat dates.

Host a Pregnancy Gathering

If you can’t find information on a local get together for parents-to-be, why not organise one yourself?

Use social media to spread the word and find others who are interested in coming along. You could use a local café or park as the meeting point and connect with other expectant parents in your community.

Looking to Meet Other Parents? Join Our Community

Last but not least, our final piece of advice is to join Our Community.

It’s an online network for parents-to-be and new parents. Here you’ll find groups created for people in specific local communities, or you can connect with others across the UK.

With groups on all sorts of topics you’ll find others who share the same interests as you during your pregnancy journey.

It’s completely free to join, and as a welcome to The Parents Class you’ll get access to our free online course, Upright birthing positions during labour, consisting of 5 modules that offer valuable information during your pregnancy.

Register your FREE account on Our Community today.

If you live in Fulham or the surrounding areas and are looking for an antenatal class to meet other parents-to-be near you, book our antenatal class at Uncommon. Form friendships to build a solid foundation not just during your pregnancy, but for years to come.


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[2] Tommy’s Yoga in Pregnancy
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