Making Pregnancy Friends in Woking: Discover Why Antenatal Classes Can Help With Building a Support System for Parenthood

Jun 6, 2023 | Pregnancy, Maternity, Newborn

When you’re expecting a baby in Woking, making pregnancy friends and having a supportive social network is very important – it can help you to feel connected, as well as provide emotional comfort and reassurance, not to mention help you deal with any worries or concerns you may have.

An antenatal class is a great way to meet others going through the same phase of pregnancy as you while making friends who can support you through pregnancy, parenting and beyond.

Here, we explore in more detail why antenatal classes can help you build a support system for parenthood.

1. They are an easy way to meet people

For expectant parents living in Woking, the good news is, The Parents Class is right on your doorstep. At The Parents Class, we offer a mid-pregnancy course (for those who are 18-28 weeks pregnant) and our full antenatal course (30-38 weeks pregnant). Both courses allow soon-to-be mums and dads to easily make friends who are experiencing pregnancy at pretty much the same time as them. Find your nearest Parents Class, and get to know other expectant parents in Woking.

2. They can prevent you from feeling lonely

Many new parents experience feelings of isolation and can feel somewhat delicate and vulnerable in the early weeks after birth but having a group of friends who have also just had a baby can help prevent those feelings.

Being able to get out of the house and actively mix with people in the same boat as you will give you something to look forward to that’s not too demanding and provide you with someone to laugh and cry with during what can be an emotional time.

Have you tried pregnancy yoga? Whether it’s with those you meet during your antenatal sessions or another opportunity for you to make more new friends, there are a number of pregnancy yoga classes available in Woking. One example is Samaya Yoga which offers pregnancy yoga for mums-to-be who are at least 12 weeks pregnant, with all 60-minute sessions designed to increase energy and health levels, improve sleep and fatigue, while helping to combat some of the common pregnancy symptoms like heartburn and constipation. 

3, They provide you with an opportunity to make friends who can help you out

Making friends with other parents who can help you out will be invaluable. We’re talking about swapping baby clothes with one another, lending each other toys, not to mention providing a listening ear when you need it most. 

Other parents may also be willing to swap babysitting duties with you, which will give you valuable time that you can spend going out with your partner or catching up with family and friends.

If you haven’t already, you could consider joining local Facebook groups, like Woking Mums, Bumps, Babies & Beyond Facebook page – a virtual group created especially for mums-to-be and new parents in Woking with a local support network. 

4. You’ll be going through all the same experiences as the people you meet

The benefit of having friends who are going through pregnancy at the same time as you is that you can learn from one another, and it’s always great to have someone to share advice with on the essentials like car seats and cots.

As well as joining The Parents Class, there is also a great opportunity for mums-to-be in Woking to enjoy pregnancy aquanatal classes (basically a gentle workout in the water).

Held at Pool in the Park, in Woking these classes are exclusively for pregnant mums – with the lagoon actually closed to the rest of the public during the session.

These classes not only help pregnant mums to keep fit but they also focus on pelvic floor exercises and breathing practice, in preparation for labour. Those who attend regularly are invited to join a WhatsApp group, so they can easily keep in touch with other pregnant mums in the area.

Are you looking for pregnancy friends in Woking? Join The Parents Class

In addition to helping you meet other parents-to-be and build a support network for when your baby arrives, antenatal classes also offer vital information on pregnancy and childbirth. 

Led entirely by midwives, The Parents Class provides mums and dads to be with evidence-based advice, information and support. Furthermore, our antenatal classes are a great way to make new friends, to share your pregnancy and parenting journey with. Find out more about our antenatal classes in Woking and book your place today.

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