Discover How to Meet Other Sociable Parents in Brighton When You’re Pregnant

Feb 28, 2023 | Pregnancy

Even if you already have a great support network of family and friends around you when pregnant, getting to meet with other parents, or expectant mums and dads, who are on the same journey as you, often proves priceless. 

Trust us, having someone there to relate to, embrace the exciting newborn phase with, or simply enjoy a much-needed coffee with as you both power through after a disrupted night shift – the benefits of finding fellow parent-friends are endless.

In fact, social support during pregnancy will undoubtedly help to boost your mental health and wellbeing when you’re expecting a baby.

But how do you meet fellow parents?

Here, the experts at The Parents Class have put together our top tips to help you build your parent tribe.

Attend antenatal classes

If you’re looking for a place to make friends who are guaranteed to be in a similar position to you, then look no further than a pregnancy class. Antenatal classes provide expectant parents with the opportunity to meet a whole group of people – and future mates – who are going through exactly the same.

If you live in Brighton and are expecting a baby then good news – The Parents Class is right on your doorstep. Better still, because our antenatal classes are all designed to suit a particular time of pregnancy (for example, 30-38 weeks), you will make friends who are experiencing everything you’re experiencing – and you can experience those things together.

Worried about how you can approach new people during an antenatal class? Honestly, everyone will be feeling the same. Remember, you’re all attending the same baby class, which means you already have one thing in common.

Join Our Online Community

Did you know The Parents Class gives you free access to an online platform where you can connect with local pregnant people as well as parents across the UK? 

Here you’ll find forums and groups that are perfect for finding other like-minded parents in your area too.

There are plenty of categories to explore, including birth plans and preferences, depending on what you’re looking for. Simply search for ‘Brighton’ (or your location), and you’ll discover a whole local community of fellow pregnant people and parents wanting to connect. 

Register your account with us here

Use social media

There are plenty of opportunities on social media to make new friends local to you. For example, if you live in Brighton then use the ‘search’ box to look for groups (mum-groups or general groups), as well as classes locally. 

Of course, while social media can provide pregnant people with a great tool to make new friends, it’s important that you use the likes of Facebook and other online platforms correctly.

If you ever start to feel that social media is negatively impacting your wellbeing, then it’s time to give yourself a break from being online. 

Download a phone app for ‘mum-friends’

Thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to make new friends when pregnant, thanks to a whole host of phone apps that are readily available.

Some of these apps can give expectant parents and mums the chance to be ‘matched’ with others in a similar position to them. Once ‘matched’, you’ll have the chance to meet up in real life – perhaps for a coffee, or playdate if you already have children. 

Are you pregnant, live in Brighton and want to meet other parents?

If you’re pregnant, live in Brighton and want to make new friends who you can share this journey with, then it’s time to join The Parents Class

Our pregnancy classes are all led entirely by midwives, providing trusted advice, support and guidance within a non-judgemental, relaxed setting. We will connect you with others in Brighton, who are expecting a baby, just like you – and better still, we organise a meet-up for you and your new friends, post-birth, giving you the perfect chance to catch up and meet each other’s little ones. 

Find your nearest class today. 

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