The Parents Class or NCT: A comparative guide on antenatal classes

Jul 31, 2023 | Pregnancy, Mental Health

If you’re expecting a baby, antenatal classes help you prepare for birth and your journey into parenthood, while meeting like-minded others in your local area. But what antenatal course should you join The Parents Class or NCT?

Designed with modern-day parents in mind, The Parents Class brings with it a new, fresh approach to antenatal classes. Our classes are each led by registered midwives, providing parents-to-be with evidence-based advice, so they feel empowered to make informed decisions shaped around their needs, wants and requirements. Are you ready to hear more about The Parents Class? Visit our website and find out how we can support you and your bump through your pregnancy journey. 

We appreciate that knowing which class is right for you can feel pretty mind-blowing. That’s why we have created this handy guide, comparing The Parents Class and NCT, to help you better understand which provider might suit you best.

Are the courses online or in-person?

The Parents Class

As well as providing expectant parents with evidence-based advice, one of the many benefits of joining The Parents Class is meeting others in a similar position – what we like to call, your ‘parent tribe’. That’s why all of our classes are in-person – better still, we carefully select the location of our sessions, ensuring they are each held in a relaxed and comfortable setting. 

In addition to our face-to-face sessions, both expectant parents and parents can join Our Community. Our Community is an online safe space that gives people the chance to connect with each other and health professionals while gaining access to useful resources and blogs. Furthermore, you will also have access to all course materials via Our Community, in an e-learning platform.


If you join NCT, you can choose to attend in person or online (or a mix of both). You will also have access to the NCT Parent Hub, a platform with articles, videos, links and resources.

How many weeks pregnant can I start the course?

The Parents Class

One of the first questions expectant parents ask is, when can I join an antenatal class? We get it, it’s such an exciting time – it’s no wonder so many are enthusiastic to start their learning journey as soon-to-be-parents. 

The Parents Class is the only UK provider to offer antenatal classes for expectant parents who are 18 weeks pregnant. Our Mid-Pregnancy Course is suitable for parents-to-be between 18 and 28 weeks, covering the likes of nutrition, diet and exercise while pregnant – all of those important topics that you’d probably like to learn about sooner rather than later. Think of this as a taster, ahead of our Full Antenatal Course, which is specifically designed for parents-to-be who are between 30 and 38 weeks. 


NCT’s antenatal course provides classes for those who are between 28 and 36 weeks pregnant.

Are those leading the course all medically trained?

The Parents Class

Yes, this is something we’re extremely proud of here at The Parents Class. All of our classes are led entirely by registered midwives – after all, we believe, who better to support expectant parents than a friendly midwife that you can trust?


No, all NCT practitioners complete a university-accredited course before delivering NCT courses but they are not medically trained. 

Do both providers offer the same information?

If meeting new parents is a priority, then the good news is both The Parents Class and NCT offer post-course in-person catch-ups for parents. This gives you all a chance to meet each other’s newborns over a much-needed coffee.

The Parents Class not only answers all the common pregnancy-related questions, but we also present expectant parents with a few new topics that they might not have previously thought about. For example, have you considered delayed cord clamping? Do you know what stem cell banking is? Did you know that you can give-birth, upright? We’ve all heard of a birth plan, but what about planning for when the baby arrives? That’s where a postnatal plan comes in handy.

Although when it comes to the bulk content of the course, the two aren’t too dissimilar. At The Parents Class, we try and make things as simple and easy as possible for you. After all, if you’re expecting a baby, there’s a lot of information to take in. With that in mind, we break down our sessions into six topics, so you know what to expect ahead of each class:

  1. Health & wellbeing
  2. Planning for birth
  3. Giving birth
  4. Preparing for the first 72 hours
  5. Infant feeding
  6. Postnatal care and wellbeing
How long is each antenatal course?

The Parents Class

If you are attending our Mid-Pregnancy Course, then this is four hours long. Our research shows that four hours is the perfect amount of time to ensure all the required information is covered, and everyone participating is comfortable. 

If you are joining us for our Full Antenatal Course – which, in total is 15 hours long – then there are a couple of flexible options depending on your preference. You can either condense the course into two days over a weekend or spread out your sessions over a six-week period.

At The Parents Class, we have carefully calculated the optimum time to cover each topic, connect with other parents and build relationships – while juggling your busy lifestyles. 


NCT’s Preparation for Birth and Beyond is 17 hours in total, including a post-birth meet-up. 

Can I bring someone with me to the class?

The price of both The Parents Class and NCT covers the cost of up to two people, so you can take someone with you to both courses – whether that’s your partner, birthing partners, loved one or friend.

How many people attend each class?

The Parents Class

At The Parents Class, there is always a maximum number of 10 people (along with their optional plus one) per session. We recognise how special pregnancy is for so many expectant parents and we also appreciate that you’ll probably have a lot of questions as you prepare for the birth of your child. That’s why we limit the number of couples, so all those attending feel comfortable and get the most out of our antenatal class – while, at the same time, have the ability to connect with a solid network of other expectant parents.


The number of couples attending an NCT course can vary depending on the size of the venue. However, it tends to be between six to eight couples. 

Are you expecting a baby? Join The Parents Class today

If this blog has confirmed that The Parents Class is right for you, then find your nearest antenatal course by visiting our website. Or, if you’d like to find out more about what The Parents Class has to offer then visit our FAQ page.

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