7 Brilliant Ways to Keep Active if You Live in Brighton and You’re Expecting a Baby

Jan 17, 2023 | Exercise, Pregnancy

While it might be tempting to sit back, relax and not do much at all when you’re pregnant, the truth is, it’s very important to keep active if you’re expecting a baby. After all, even gentle exercise can improve both your physical and mental health, while reducing any stress or anxiety you might be feeling when pregnant – not to mention help prepare for labour and delivery.

Some women might be worrying about exercising when they’re expecting a baby, but there’s no need. As long as you’re experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy, then exercise is not dangerous for your baby.

If you are experiencing any complications, then we would advise always speaking with your midwife first, before taking on any physical activity.

However, if your pregnancy is straightforward and you live in Brighton, we’ve listed seven ways that you can keep active if you’re expecting a baby.

1) Walking

Even the smallest changes to your daily routine can help you to keep active when pregnant – and that can be as small as stepping out for a daily walk (even if it’s making an effort to get out during your lunch break). Fortunately, if you live in Brighton, there are plenty of great places to go for a stroll. Why not venture out onto the Brighton promenade or head to the South Downs National Park? 

2) Yoga

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that can help to improve flexibility, strength and balance.

Prenatal yoga classes are specifically designed for pregnant women and with several yoga studios in Brighton offering prenatal classes, you have plenty to choose from.

3) Join a fitness group in Brighton

Staying active during your pregnancy can be easier when you have the support of other people who are on a similar journey to you.

Mum On The Run, is a local group with fitness classes that take place every week across Brighton and Hove.

Each class is safely adapted for mums-to-be and incorporates various different workouts to keep your fitness activities interesting and challenging!

With a friendly instructor and welcoming group of expectant mums, it’s the ideal solution for staying active whilst meeting other parents-to-be in your area. Book your class here.

4) Aqua-natal classes

Similar to swimming, pregnancy aqua-natal sessions are much-loved by pregnant women. Why? Think swimming combined with yoga. Aqua-natal sessions help to ease any general aches and pains while helping to strengthen back and pelvic floor muscles in preparation for birth.

Each session tends to end with a few moments of relaxation, giving pregnant women the opportunity to simply float in the warm water and connect with their baby.

In Brighton, Little Dippers is a fantastic option for aqua-natal classes. Their drop-in sessions, held at The Loft on Upper Gardner Street, focus on stretching, deep breathing and relaxation during pregnancy.

Little Dippers is also a popular choice for new parents, as they offer baby swimming classes that teach key water safety techniques in a fun and nurturing environment.

Aqua-natal classes are a great way to stay active during pregnancy and connect with other like-minded parents-to-be in your area. Book your aqua-natal class with Little Dippers today.

5) Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that mainly focuses on strengthening your core and improving posture.

More specifically, prenatal pilates classes can help alleviate any back pain, which can be very common during pregnancy.

6) Cycling

Cycling is a low-impact form of exercise and a great option for those expecting a baby – especially because you can choose the pace you want to go at.

There are plenty of beautiful, scenic cycling routes to choose from in Brighton, including those near the seafront.

7) Go to the gym

As well as making use of the weights and equipment available at gyms, many gyms and fitness studios offer both pre and postnatal exercise classes, specifically designed for women expecting a baby and new mums.

Not only do these classes provide a safe environment for expectant mothers looking to stay active, but they give mums-to-be and new parents the chance to meet others in a similar situation.

Trying to keep active during your pregnancy? Join The Parents Class

If you live in Brighton and are expecting a baby, then join The Parents Class.

The Parents Class provides evidence-based antenatal classes, led entirely by midwives.

Each of our classes, held in a relaxed environment, allows you to meet other expectant parents in a similar situation to you but also receive reliable advice, support and guidance you can trust.

Join The Parents Class today.

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