Top Tips on What to Take to Your First Antenatal Class in Brighton

Dec 13, 2022 | Pregnancy, Maternity

Whether you’ve just taken a positive pregnancy test or are soon to welcome your third trimester, you might be looking at joining your first antenatal class. After all, what better way to meet fellow mums and dads-to-be who are all in the same situation than you?

What’s more, antenatal classes provide you with a great opportunity to receive invaluable and trustworthy advice from pregnancy experts, just like our midwives at The Parents Class. Oh, and if you live in Brighton, great news – The Parents Class is right on your doorstep.

If you’re one step ahead and have already booked your first antenatal class, then you might be wondering what you should take with you. So, if you live in Brighton and are preparing for your first antenatal class, we’ve created this handy guide, so you know exactly what you should take with you.

What are antenatal classes?

While antenatal classes can vary depending on the organisation they are led by, they all have one thing in common: they’re there to help expectant parents prepare for the birth, and in some cases, plan for when their baby has arrived.

While some classes will only look at preparing parents for the birth, others will cover your entire bump-to-baby journey.

Take The Parents Class for example – our purpose is to support parents during pregnancy while preparing them for life with a newborn.

Led entirely by midwives, our evidence-led approach provides expectant mums and dads with the trustworthy and reliable information they need, so that they can make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

Better still, we help you put a postnatal plan in place, to make sure you feel as prepared and in control as possible ahead of your newborn’s arrival.

Why are antenatal classes useful?

As mentioned, antenatal classes help you prepare for birth and life with a newborn. What they also do is give you a tribe of fellow expectant mothers and fathers who you can share your pregnancy and parenting journey with. 

Here are some examples of the key topics The Parents Class will support you with:

  • Normal changes during pregnancy
  • Developmental stages of your baby
  • Healthy eating habits during pregnancy
  • Your birth choices and what to expect during labour
  • Creating a birth plan
  • Looking at how to prepare for life with a newborn

What should I take to my first antenatal class?

Now you know what antenatal classes are all about, it’s time to pack your bag and prepare for your first session:

A list of questions

Have a think about any questions you might have.

Remember, antenatal classes are the perfect opportunity to ask the professionals those all-important burning questions – and by the way, there’s no such thing as a silly question when you’re expecting a baby.

A bottle of water and essential snacks

Of course, your antenatal class will provide you with refreshments, but there’s no harm in taking a bottle of water to keep by your side during the session.

If you are experiencing morning sickness or any other symptoms, then be sure to pack any snacks or drinks that you feel help (you know, like a trusty pack of ginger biscuits).

For tips on dealing with morning sickness, read our blog post on pregnancy symptoms or visit the NHS website for more help.

You, yourself and an open mind

Lastly, take yourself (and your partner, if they are joining too). And, of course, an open mind. To make the most of your antenatal class then our advice is to be open-minded. Speak to others in the group, ask questions and share experiences with one another. Even after just one session, you will come away with so much advice, guidance and information that will help you to shape your pregnancy and parenting journey into one that suits you and your baby. 

It may be tempting to pack a pen and paper with you to your classes. Just note, The Parents Class has you fully prepared with this already! With each of our classes, you’ll receive your very own Course Planner Notebook – designed to follow the sessions of your course and with lots of extra space to make notes and jot down any questions you might want to ask throughout your sessions with your teacher.

Are you expecting a baby and living in Brighton?

If you are expecting a baby and you live in Brighton, then join The Parents Class.

Led by midwives, our antenatal classes provide you with evidence-led advice that you can trust, while connecting you with other local mums and dads-to-be who also live in Brighton. We can’t wait to meet you!

Find your nearest antenatal class with us, here!

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